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Exploits of region's 19th century balloonists focus of museum program Thursday, Jan. 26

He was the first person to fly over Manchester, N.H., and he did it in 1856, nearly a half-century before the Wright Brothers! Pioneering balloonist Eugene Godard, who explored the skies over 19th century New England, is one of many intrepid aeronauts you'll meet in a program on lighter-than-air travel to be held on Thursday, Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Aviation Museum of N.H. More details in our press release.

Student/family plane-build open house on Wednesday, Feb. 1

Did you know our high school student plane-building program is open to students from private schools, non-traditional learning environments (such as home schoolers) and students from outside the Manchester School District? Find out more at a student/family Open House on Wednesday, Feb. 1. Get more info.


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 Join us for the ultimate field trip! The Aviation Museum's virtual around-the-world flight is taking us places all around the globe. Come along as we put the "distance" in distance learning!

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