Aviation Education High School Course

The Aviation Museum of NH is pleased to announce that it continues to offer its aviation education class, open to all NH high school students.

Students are expected to have a STEM background (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), in order to be prepared for technical challenges they'll face in college or industry. The museum has two goals: 1) to help prepare students for college, and 2) to offer a career-based program to enlighten young people about the many and diverse career paths available in aviation today.

The course of study covers six modules which include airport planning and design, navigation, weather, communications, air traffic control and aeronautics. Studnets attend off site field trips, particpate in research and hands-on projects, and guest speakers visit the course. 

 Museum staff are now accepting registrations for the next semester. 

The course is held at the museum, after school, two afternoons per week. Students must be able to provide their own transportation to the and from the course. Three NH school districts - Exeter, Londonderry, and Manchester - offer a full credit for this course. 

Stay tuned for further updates as the year goes along. It is also in our plans to offer this class as part of a larger distance learning effort.  We envision students across the state of NH taking classes broadcast electronically from our 1937 terminal building.

For additional information, or to arrange for your school district to become part of this exciting program, contact Aviation Museum of NH Executive Director, Jeff Rapsis at 669-4820, or via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Group Tours and Outreach

The Aviation Museum of NH hosts Group Tours and an educational Outreach Program, for all ages. Contact us for more information on scheduling a group tour, or ask us to bring our programming to you! 

Latest News!

The Aviation Museum of New Hampshire has received a donation of a Homebuilt Biplane, which is now on display at the museum. This is the first complete aircraft on display within the museum.