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Welcome to our virtual flight around the world! On this page you'll find a roster of segments that we've flown thus far since starting on May 1 from our home at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in Manchester, N.H. Once a week, we'll post a new segment as we work our way around the globe.

Latest route map
Older maps are here

We started on May 1, flying from Manchester, N.H. to Europe via the historic "North Atlantic Ferry Route" through Canada and Greenland to Europe. After flying over London and Paris, we're now exploring other parts of the continent. We'll keep journeying around the globe until we return home later this summer. Feel free to explore where we've gone so far using the index on this page.

Questions? Send them in and we'll post answers on this site. You can also suggest destinations for us to visit! Contact Jeff Rapsis, executive director of the Aviation Museum, at And enjoy the journey!