Flight segments

Donate to help fund our activities

Our Around-the-World Flight Adventure is a real travel bargain: it's free and open to all!

Why? Because our museum's mission is to inspire young people about aviation - not only its magic, but also the science behind it. It's a mission we take seriously, in part because the U.S. aerospace industry faces a growing shortage of skilled personnel in all fields.

That's why we run STEM-based school outreach programs to bring pilots, mechanics, and other aviation professionals right into the classroom. That's why we partnered with the Manchester (N.H.) School of Technology in a program where high schools students are building an actual airplane.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we depend on donations from individuals, companies, and foundations to run our programs and activities. If you're enjoying our global adventure, consider making a contribution to the Aviation Museum to help us climb high.

After all, it's only polite to chip in for the gas.

Companies - sponsor our flight and reach the world

Talk about global exposure: putting your company's logo on our virtual DC-3 will bring you visibility from Tokyo to Timbuktu!

In truth, our around-the-world adventure offers real on-the-ground value for local businesses and organizations who climb on board. That's because our project is a much-needed educational resource at a time when teachers and students are grappling with remote learning.

In launching the project, we distributed more than 1,000 educator guides to every public school in New Hampshire. And local news interest is high. Prior to take-off, a Facebook event promotion drew more than 16,000 views. And traffic builds every time we fly!

Put your logo on our plane and fly along with us. And you'll be a major part of our arrival celebration later this summer. For more info, contact Jeff Rapsis, executive director, via email at jrapsis@nhahs.org or at (603) 236-9237.